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De: Sabrina Kipkalya <>
Enviado: Jueves 6 de diciembre de 2012 23:08
Asunto: Please, I Need A Helping Hand To Save Me

Hello My Dearest
Please permit me to introduce myself, my name is Sabrina Kipkalya Kones, 24yrs old female (single) and i'm from Kenya in East Africa. I appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter because i feel quite safe dealing with you in person, for that, I'm writing this mail to you with due respect, trust and humanity and with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, strongly believing in Al-Mighty God/Allah that you will consider my letter and help me and also benefit from me. Although, we have neither met in person nor by communication. But i believe, it is one day you get to know someone, either by physical or through correspondence. Honestly, i wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your country.

My Father (Hon. Kipkalya Kones) was the former Kenyan road Minister. He and the assistant minister of home affairs (Mr.Lorna Laboso) were on board when the plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June, 2008 which was headed to kericho and crashed in a remote area called kajong'a, in Western Kenya and the plan number was ( Cessna 210 ). My late Father was an investor, he Invested his fund to Kenya stock exchange market, Gold storing investment, he was a preference shareholder in Shell Petroleum Company and deals in Real Estate building investment. My late Father deposited the sum of USD$21.800.000.00M (Twenty One Million, Eight Hundred Thousand  United State Dollars) in my name here in Burkina Faso.

You can read more about the crash through the below site:

You are entitle of financial benefit of 30% of the total fund and 5% will be set aside for any expenses incured during the time of completing the transaction on your side, while the rest of the fund shall be my investment capital in your country. i have no knowledge of international transaction of this nature but I took this decision personally because it occured to me that transfer of this type must involve an expenditure,on the other hand, in the absent of expenses, the 5% set aside will be return to me. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. Awaiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to your self for now until the bank will transfer the fund. I beg you not to disclose it until i come over because I am afraid of my wicked uncle who has threatened to kill me and have the money alone ,I thank God Today that am out from my country (Kenya) but now In (Burkina Faso) where my father deposited these money with my name as the next of Kin. I have the documents for the claim.please you can call me with the office number of the Rev Father +226 68 24 08 69  here in the mission camp
Thanks God bless you
Sabrina Kones

Sorry, but I'm very busy. During the last week I received the same proposal from a princess, whose King father was tragically dead, and the daughter of a rich oil businessman, and I'm already doing business with them.

I don't have time enough to get richer than I should be in a few days, but maybe I can advance you some money. This way you can hire an experienced businessman to help you.

Good luck Sabrina. I love your name, it reminds me a lot of memories.

Torpe Mán.

Hello Dear,
Thanks for your kind mail, I'm so happy to hear from you I decided to
contact you because of the urgency of my situation here in the refugee
camp were I'm staying due to my evil uncle and step Mother, I really
want to have a good relationship with you because i will be coming to
your country once this fund transfers in your account. My prayer is
that Almighty God will grant us power and make it very easy for us to
receive this fund in your account successfully and soon.My fund is
legal and absolutely has nothing to do with illegal fund, when you
contact the bank as my Trustee you have the right to tell them to
transfer the fund little by little. Age difference does not matter but
what matter is your understanding to know the kind of sitaution i am
undergoing here in this camp.

I stopped in my first year in University in medicine when the incident
took place and my Wicked Uncle and step Mother were only after my
Father’s properties left behind and had no interest in my school
affair, because of that, i could not further my studies because i was
only looking for a way to save my life. I need to continue my studies
once i travel to meet you in your country. I’m afraid of both my
Wicked Uncle and step Mother because they are dangerous and ready to
do anything evil, Please' do keep this transaction only to yourself
for now until the bank here will transfer my inheritance fund to your
account. I plead you not to disclose it to anyone, whoever until i
come over there and meet you because i am afraid of my Wicked Uncle
and step Mother who had threatened to killed me and have my
inheritance fund alone.

However, I think about all that I am passing through and decided to
reveal myself to you seeking for your help in transferring my
inheritance fund to your account. You will also help me by
recommending a nice university for me to continue my Education, and as
well as investing the fund to a profitable firm over there in your
country. This money does not matter for me, but all I want is to
secure my life. I want to have rest of mind and stop thinking so much
about my late father and my beloved mother of blessed memory.

The Bank Director advised me to seek a protection at the moment from
United Nation High Commission For Refugee (UNHCR) here in Burkina
Faso, which i did. Presently I’m in the refugee camp under the
ministry of Rev. Benjamin In Refugee Mission Camp. I am emailing you
from the office of the Reverend Benjamin here in the camp, I told
Benjamin about my communication with you and he permitted me to access
my email in his office computer twice a day, please you can call me
with the office number of the Rev Father +226 75 27 97 95  here in the
mission camp, ask of Sabrina Kipkalya that stays in the Female Hostel
Room 12, Block c when you will call . As a refugee here i don't have
any right or privilege to any thing be it money or what so ever
because it is against the law of this country. We have no freedom in
this camp, the UNHCR Authorities only allowed visitors on Fridays of
the week. its just like one staying in the prison yard and i hope by
God's grace i will come out here soon.

As I told you, When I arrived here in Burkina-Faso I went to withdrew
the money from the bank, The Bank Director whom I met told me that my
late father left a wrtten legal will 's instructions to them that I
most present a foreign trustee before the fund will be released to me.
And also being a refugee here my status is not authorize by the local
law to clear money or make transfer of the money to an account. He
told me that the only way out is that I should appoint a Trustee who
will stand for me and clear the money. I wanted to discuss this matter
with my Wicked Uncle and step Mother but I am afraid that both would
not allow me have access to my inheritance fund if they help me,
because after the death of my father, she and my wicked uncle join
hands and sold my father's assets to an italian expatriate. The Bank
Director advised me that you have to apply for the transfer enable the
bank inform you the transfer procedure. The bank Director told me that
the bank could only approve you my Trustee when they confirmed that
you are honest, sincere and capable to follow instruction.

I am promising and ready to offer you 35% of the total fund for
assistance after the transaction is completed. Please all i need from
you is to take this transaction serious and as for me, i have no
experience of international transfer of this nature. Please I need
your full support, assistance and understanding to handle the transaction.

Please provide me details about you below:
Your Full Name: ...................................
Your Address:......................................
Your Age:..............................................
Your Direct Phone Numbers: ................
Your Country:.......................................
Your Occupation: ...................................
Your Sex:..............................................
Your Photograph/picture..............

Once I receive the above details of yours showing your seriousness and
willingness I will then provide you the bank contact information and
my late father bank account details which you will use as my Trustee
to apply for the transfer. See the attached my photo
Thanks And God Bless You
Sabrina Kones(SK)

 Dear Sabrina,

I'm really pleased to ear about you. That means you're still alive despite the bad intentions of your uncle!

After seeing your picture, I'm strongly thinking on perceiving my commission in a different manner.  I actually gave a call to Rev Father at your camp, and he told me that would be possible, because this is the way you use to pay for favours.

You'll find attached my details. Next time send me hotter pictures, this is a nice motivation!

Please provide me details about you below:
Your Full Name: ...................................Torpe Mán
Your Address:......................................Backstreet, 69. Gotham City 00666.
Your Age:..............................................Experienced guy
Your Direct Phone Numbers: ................
+34 902122122
Your Country:.......................................Chachiland
Your Occupation: ...................................Superheroe
Your Sex:..............................................Huge
Your Photograph/picture..............



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  1. JA,JA,JA, TÍO, ME ESTOY ENAMORANDO DE TI, JA,JA,JA!!!! Yo me parto con lo chalado que estás!!!
    Tus datos son para hacerse una camiseta con ellos!!! Ja,ja,ja.
    Pobrecita Sabrina...con lo angustiada que parece en la foto y tú de cachondeo...

    P.D. Huge? Really?

    1. Efectivamente, se la ve muy agobiada en ese campo de refugiados de Burkina Faso con el cesped tan cuidado.
      Pero no te preocupes, como buen superheroe voy a cubrir todas las necesidades de esta damisela en apuros.

      ¿Huge? Es, como mínimo, tan cierto como el resto de los datos aportados, señor juez.

  2. Entre el pitorreo de cenas de empresa y eso, gracias a Dios que no hay cenas navideñas entre grupitos bloggers :S ¡la que liábamos!

    P.D. Huge??? uno mismo nunca puede ser objetivo en esos temas....


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